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Karu Reef

Slaughter Yards When the StellarFauna of the reef is captured or slain the beasts have to be slaughtered and stored. Most independent hunting vessels don’t spend a lot of time picking the corpses clean instead they butcher them for the parts prized most highly in their home systems. It is near these killing grounds that slaughter yards gather and disperse.

Rendering Harbors. A more permanent settlement where beasts are rendered and scrap is dismantled. Captains pay a fee to the rendering harbor to shelter there while they are dissectin and rendering beasts.

Black Markets In the vastness of space there is lots of room to get up to no good, and a lot of misdeeds are performed right before disreputable elements decide to visit the Shadow Markets. These markets cater to just about any kind of clientele from pirates to black market data brokers. Black Markets tend to develop reputations for the kind of goods frequently found there, but they don’t specialize on purpose. Buying at a Shadow Market is not without risk, but neither is selling.

Shadow Markets While Black Markets tend to exist in one fixed location, often until they are destroyed or infiltrated by some kind of law enforcement or authority, Shadow Markets are more rumor than fact. Groups of ships meet in space to conduct business, often for weeks at a time and always with an eye of staying off the radar of any kinds of law enforcement. The largest rumored shadow market had as many as 150 ships tethered together around the hull of a derelict colony ship.

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